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Elton John´s Dogs In The Kitchen

this is one of the more scathing attacks on the music industry that you're likely to hear. Both Elton John and his lyricist Bernie Taupin were on board with the concept that record executives were "vultures," "dogs" and "vampires." Much of the Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy found John and Taupin dealing with the fallout from their fame while dutifully delivering a hit single: "Philadelphia Freedom." Elton explained that their beef was with record executives who wanted to profit from their success, but didn't want to make any effort to help them get there. He gave an example of executives who would show up at ceremonies and present Gold Records, but had no interest in the music.

"Dogs In The Kitchen" was a poem that Bernie Taupin wrote attacking corporate greed in the entertainment industry. 

Though the lyrics were included in the scrapbook that was part of Captain Fantastic's lavish packaging, it doesn't seem that Elton wrote any music to accompany it and the song was never recorded.

"Dogs In The Kitchen"

All our innocence gave way to lust
As the peacock spread its fan,
And they taught us how to crack the whip
While the business men got tanned.
In the months that passed the agents cried
And the flunkeys all got paid,
While the fortune seekers pale limp wrists
Showered us with bright bouquets.
Like soldiers on the road to battle
Poor boys fight to stay alive,
Take a roller coaster or the wheel of fortune
Just be sure that you can land it on the other side.

Uncage us where restless, snarled the dogs in the kitchen.
Howling in the heatwave, riding the bitchin' ladies.
Who got the first bite on its greasy bone,take my advice kid
Tear off the white meat, leave the fat back at home.

Empty-eyed sould with expense accounts
Take a luncheon eating humble pie
While the vultures belch in their swivel chairs
And the vampires all wear ties.
From the lips of a sweet young starlet
Amber eyes and sex appeal,
Or a swan song sung by some finger-snapping kid
In a cummerbund and cuban heels.
Though the team survived, the glass house cracked
And the martyrs all got stoned
But a friend outside slipped a file in
While the jailler slept at home.

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Elton John - Early Demos & Raw Takes

Elton John - Early Demos & Raw Takes

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The Greatest Discovery 0:00
Lady What's Tomorrow 4:03
The King Must Die 6:49
Your Song 12:15
Levon 15:49
Where To Now St. Peter? 20:49
All The Nasties 25:07
Border Song 29:53
My Father's Gun 33:11
Rotten Peaches 37:35
Holiday Inn 41:42
Come Down In Time 46:10
No Shoestrings On Louise 49:33
Amoreena 53:18
Sixty Years On 57:13
Country Comfort 1:01:28
Burn Down The Mission 1:05:41
Madman Across The Water 1:13:01
Cage The Songbird 1:18:11
Grey Seal 1:21:29
The Cage 1:24:46
I Need You To Turn To 1:28:07
Take Me To The Pilot 1:30:20
Talking Old Soldiers 1:32:56
The Flowers Will Never Die 1:37:09
Goodbye 1:39:59